Live | WFA TagAlong Camp - Tathra Beachside - 15-22 March 2021

Join us for 7 days of WFA @TathraBeachside!

a Working From Anywhere TagAlong Camp

It’s been another tough time for Sapphire Coast tourism operators, the second year in a row that the peak holiday takings have been lost.

The Working From Anywhere TagAlong Camp at Tathra Beachside is an opportunity for local people to support these local businesses. It’s also the ideal opportunity to test out living differently with support, and without having to travel far.

Park your van or rent a cabin and settle in for seven days of working, learning, connecting, and collaborating with a group of like-minded business owners. Close enough for locals to still get the kids off to school and you can even still go to your place of business/work if you need to.

Don’t have your own van? No problem you can try glamping in a Safari Tent, book a surf villa or bring your furry friend along and stay in a Pet-Friendly Villa. Whatever works for you.

It’s not all work. Your WFA Tathra ‘office’ has over 500 metres of absolute beach frontage with the absence of the peak period crowds. There are amazing outdoor activities on tap and a town filled with friendly people and fabulous eateries, there’s no excuse not to make time for your life.

This is your chance to dip your toe into the WFA experience amongst like-minded business owners and support the local economy at the same time. And having a lot of fun along the way.

This is not a holiday, it’s not work, it’s life, The Carpe Diem Way.

What does 7 days of WFA @TathraBeachside look like?

We have a daily program that includes group activities, happy hours, and dinners, but more importantly, you are in control of how your day looks. Work when it best suits you and your business. Make the most of the group sessions to learn and collaborate.

Take time to work ON your business. Be flexible. It’s ok to plan your days around the surf report. It’s ok to take afternoon naps especially if you like to work into the night. Enjoy guilt-free time with family or friends. This is your chance to break limiting work habits and discover a new way to live.

This is the plan….
Monday 15 MarchCheck-in at Tathra Beachside
WFA on your business

Happy Hour - Welcome and introductions
Pizza Night
Tuesday 16 MarchWalk and talk on the beach
WFA on your business
WFA on your business
Group collaboration and support session
Happy Hour - meet the Tathra Beachside team
Tathra Oysters tasting and talk - 6:30pm
Dinner at leisure
Wednesday 17 MarchBega River Kayak Tour - 3 hoursTIME OUT - yes it's mid week, so what!
Lets break the Mon-Fri conditioning
Happy Hour - campsite games
Thursday 18 MarchWalk and talk on the beach
WFA on your business
WFA on your businessHappy Hour - share your story
Burgers at Blend Tathra
Friday 19 MarchE-bike tour - 2.5 hoursWFA on your businessHappy hour - how was your week
Dinner at leisure
Saturday 20 MarchWalk and talk on the beach
The Carpe Diem Way book launch - breakfast at Tathra Hotel
Downtime or activities
WFA on your business
Group collaboration and support session
Happy Hour -
Dinner at leisure
Sunday 21 MarchWalk and talk on the beach
Downtime or activities
Wrap up of the week of WFA and feedbackSunday Session at Tathra Beachside -
Frankie J Holden & Garry Carson Jones with Mick Potter
Monday 22 MarchCheck-out Tathra Beachside or stay on

How can I make sure I’m ready to WFA ?

Full access to the Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device Program for the month of March is part of the deal. This powerful, liberating program turns the theory into action. It is the key to set you free!

The program will guide you through the powerful and practical steps to transitioning your business to operate from anywhere, at anytime, and on any device and includes:

  • 52 Individual Video Tutorials
  • Group Q & A sessions onsite for the week of the camp
  • Anytime, Anywhere Support through our Members Hub
  • How-to Guides
  • Tech Tool Update Alerts

* Already set up to work from anywhere? You’ll find the program resources and updates, especially the fortnightly Q & A live sessions, will add to your knowledge.

What’s Included ?


    • One month access to the Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device Program 
    • 7 nights powered site (pet friendly) with options to upgrade to an ensuite site or cabin
    • Group collaboration sessions as per program
    • Happy Hour activities
    • Pizza night
    • Burgers at Blend dinner
    • Tathra Oysters tasting and talk
    • Bega River Kayak Tour – 3 hours
    • E-bike tour – 2.5 hours
    • Sunday Session at the Beach Barn- The Sugar Ants & Frankie J Holden
    • The opportunity to hang out with an awesome group of like-minded business owners
    • A healthier, less stressed and happier you
My ideal day lets me SUP early morning, cycle in the afternoon and WFA in between. I work from home, my van, or with coffee and cake at the Tathra Wharf. That’s what I love about WFA life in Tathra.
What will your day look like?

Your Questions Answered

Are you ready to make TIME for LIFE?

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