Is your to-do list is so long you don’t know what to do next, are you missing important deadlines, overwhelmed?

The Productivity Bootcamp will walk you through a simple strategy that will remove the overwhelm, unclutter your mind, reclaim your time, and help you sleep at night.

This program is run over 5 consecutive days:

Monday – 1 hour workshop – 12:30pm
Tuesday – 15-30 minute accountability/support session – 8:30am
Wednesday – 15-30 minute accountability/support session – 8:30am
Thursday – 15-30 minute accountability/support session – 8:30am
Friday – 30 minute accountability and wrap up session – 8:30am

The program investment includes:

60-minute group workshop
4 x 30-minute accountability/collaboration sessions held over 4 consecutive days
30 days access to step-by-step video tutorials

The minimum investment is your time and commitment!

This is the online tutorials part of the program, you will have 30-days access to these resources to prepare you for the Productivity Bootcamp and refer back to.

This program is available under our Pay What You Want scheme – you will be given an opportunity to pay what you want without obligation or judgment once you have completed the program.

There is a limit of 5 participants per program date.