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There is no such thing as work-life balance, there is only life!


The ultimate guide to making TIME for LIFE.

I introduce the 5-step process to help business owners think about – and do – work differently. You’ll read about my story of transition, along with the story of other amazing business owners who have adopted the WFA way. Consider your own WHY, your own driver for change, and then read the book with this in mind.

Feeling trapped and business has your life on hold? This book is for you.

“Andy is a brilliant communicator and educator. This book is a must-read for any business owner wanting to break free from the traditional constraints of running a business”. 

Arthur Luke – Bestselling author of LIFE – has ‘if’ in it for a reason

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Is this book for me?

If you have a deep desire to live more and work less whilst still being effective and feeling successful, WFA life is for you.

This book and the WFA way of life is not only for single successful men and women with an online business!

The processes I cover in the book work for those with families, those with staff, and those with bricks and mortar businesses. The degree to which you implement each piece of the process will depend on what you choose to let go of.

The common denominator with all the people I have worked with however is this: the deep desire to live more and work less whilst still being effective and feeling successful.

Remember – you don’t need to have an online business to work from anywhere and make TIME for LIFE by living The Carpe Diem Way.

‘Don’t wait any longer, seize the day’  Andy Willis – Founder of the WFA life

The Official Book Launch

The Carpe Diem Way book was launched to a full house at Tathra Hotel on Saturday 20th March 2021.
Author Andy Willis was interviewed by his mentor Paul Morris.

Andy shared why he wrote the book, who it’s for, and why seizing the day is such an important message to share.

Carpe Diem