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Updated 31st October, 2016

Wow, it’s been nearly 12 months since I updated this one. Whilst so much has changed, so much remains the same.
My desire to empower people to think differently about work, stop deferring life until retirement and live life making the most of every day has not changed.

The vehicle for how I hope to do this has changed and I have also narrowed the demographic of people I help.

  • My health, fitness and happiness is my number 1 priority, exercise and activity is a daily habit for me. I continue to improve and enjoy my SUP surfing. I am getting back into my cycling, something I had backed off a bit due to my obsession with SUP surfing.
  •  I made the big decision to cancel the WFA Conference, whilst the interest for the event was excellent, I felt it was getting too big to manage without a big team. It was also not aligning with the longer term business direction for WFA.
  • This is the big one, the penny finally dropped as far as creating a business model for WFA. I am developing a program (WFA Network) that will take small business operators out of their businesses for 1 day a week to collaborate, learn and co-work with other small business operators. The end goal is to help them systemize their business so it operates without them having to be there all the time.
  • I am developing WFA Network as a franchise/licence model that can be taken up and used across regional Australia.
  • I need to improve my public speaking, something I both want to do and need to do as part of my business. I have enlisted the help of International Professional MC/Speaker Greg Ward to help me out. Greg will be mentoring me using Google Hangouts. I will be recording the sessions for possible use as content.
  • I have booked in to attend Bega Toastmasters as another method of improving my public speaking.
  • I have put together a Focus Group made up of key business people in the Bega Valley to help me to develop the WFA Network business model. We have had one meeting and it was a huge success with plenty of great feedback.
  • I recognized the need for me to develop my own online learning resources for the WFA business, so I have started drafting outlines for courses on G-Suite.
  • I have migrated over to G-Suite from MS365, a big move but one I am pleased that I have made.
  • I am doing the G-Suite online training to skill up and increase my knowledge to share on WFA.
  • I am doing a Linkedin Course through David Hobson and I have implemented the training and improved my Linkedin profile and presence.
  • I continue to read self improvement books, both business and mindfulness.
  • Daily I will seek to connect with new people both on and offline, positive people that are willing to come together both on and offline to collaborate and share knowledge for mutual benefit. My greatest dream is too see WFA to grow into a vibrant community.
  • I have a group of 12 booked for a Tour de France small group cycle tour for 2017.


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