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These workshops follow on from the 2 very successful WFA Digital Audit Workshops hosted by Cooma Chamber of Commerce back in March, diving deeper into the individual tools and technology presented at that event.

These workshops are more than “listen and learn”, they are fully interactive “listen, watch, do and learn”. Participants will walk away with not only the knowledge, they will also walk away with the tools and technology set up and ready to use.

Book for 1, 2 or all 3 workshops depending on your needs.

These workshops are presented by Andy Willis from Working From Anywhere.  Andy is a Tools, Technology and Systems expert and an advocate for “Integrating work and life as one”. Read his story here…..

WORKSHOP#1 – MOVING TO THE CLOUD – 9:00am – 12:30pm

This workshop will cover the reasons why your files and data need to be in the cloud, how to get them there and working with your files in the cloud. We will also cover creating, collaborating and sharing documents in the cloud.

Who is this workshop for?


What will I get out of this workshop?

This is a “Hands On” workshop, it’s interactive, you will be doing and not just listening, you will walk away with something that you can use.

This workshop opens up the opportunities for participants to save time, money and make their business life easier. The mystery and many many benefits of using “Cloud Technology” in your business will be revealed.

You will also learn how you can operate your business working from anywhere, at any time and on any device.

Eventbrite - WFA Workshop - Moving to the Cloud

WORKSHOP#2 – INBOX ZERO – 1:30pm – 3:00pm

This workshop will address one of the biggest “pain points” in business today…..


You will leave this workshop with the settings and the simple process that will reduce your inbox to ZERO every single day. You won’t just listen “how to”, you will actually “do” on the day.

This is a hands on interactive Gmail based workshop, you will need a Gmail account to participate interactively. Bring your laptop and you will walk away with your Gmail Inbox setup and ready to get to Inbox Zero every single day.

The WFA Inbox Zero Workshop will:

  • Demonstrate the settings and strategy that will result in an empty inbox EVERYDAY
  • Make sure only the emails that matter land in your inbox
  • Save you many hours every week
  • Help you to develop the disciplines that will allow you to focus on more important tasks
  • Remove the EMAIL OVERWHELM pain point from your life

Who is this workshop for?

Most people in any business or organisation, gmail users, anyone that is suffering from email overwhelm

Eventbrite - WFA Workshop - INBOX ZERO


PASSWORDS are a big pain point in our business and personal lives.

Password security, creation and storage is becoming more of an issue as our digital world grows. The majority of people use very weak passwords and reuse them on different websites, some sites require certain criteria and it all gets too hard.

The gamebreaker for this situation is a password manager!

Password managers store your login information for all the websites you use and allow you to log into them automatically. They encrypt your password database with a master password.

The master password is the only one you have to remember!!!!!

You can also secure the rest of your life in there too – bank details, credit cards, licences, passport details and much more.

You will learn and DO this in the workshop:

  • Install and setup a Password Manager
  • Import any stored passwords
  • Securely store login information
  • Generate secure passwords
  • Auto login to websites and apps
  • Store and secure your other information – bank details, credit cards, licences, passport details and much more
  • Access your passwords on your mobile device

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for anyone and everyone, business and personal ….EVERYONE

Eventbrite - WFA Workshop - NEVER FORGET A PASSWORD


Come along for the full day and participate in all 3 workshops for the price of 2* – Cloud workshop, Inbox Zero, Never Forget a Password.

* pay for Cloud workshop and Inbox Zero workshop and participate in Never Forget a Password workshop as a bonus

Eventbrite - WFA Workshop - NEVER FORGET A PASSWORD


Andy has been in small business for 20 years, in that time he built a very successful conference and event management/travel business.

He transitioned this business to be able to operate working from anywhere some 5 years ago, this was achieved through the implementation of cloud technology and tools.

This transition was “life changing”, both in the way he operated his business and way he lived his life.

Andy then decided that he wanted to help other people in small business by sharing his knowledge and experience of the tools and technology that work in small business.

WFA.Life is the end result.

Read the full story…

Eventbrite - WFA Workshop - Moving to the Cloud


Here are some comments from people that participated in a WFA workshop:

Kirsten Seaver – “ Fabulous and fun, learnt a lot in one hour… thank you Andy… look forward to the #SnowyMountainsladiesinbusiness session next month.”

Nicole Vlug – “Thank you Andy – awesome info!!”

Isabel Duarte – “Thank you Andy.. So much info !! Spent some of my day making so changes on my business…Can’t wait for your next workshop ”

“The session provided “food for thought” . The points were covered simply and effectively. Thank you Andy.”

“Thank you. Fabulous hour of information.”

Eventbrite - WFA Workshop - Moving to the Cloud


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