Join a Digital Activities for Caravan Parks workshop to learn and implement technology that will add productivity and fun to your travels.

Join a hands-on workshop to learn how to:

  • Secure your photos and memories in “the cloud”

  • Secure your digital world by implementing a password manager to generate and save secure passwords.

  • Get your inbox to zero every single day by implementing a simple setting and strategy.

  • Set your business up to operate working from anywhere so you can extend your break.

All workshops are presented by cloud technology expert and mentor Andy Willis from Working From Anywhere.

These workshops are hands-on, you will walk away set up and ready to go.

Presented by

WFA founder, Andy Willis

Activity/Workshop #1 – Securing your photos and memories

What would happen if your phone was lost, stolen, destroyed, dropped in the ocean?

Would you lose your photos and memories?

Let me share a solution with you that is easy, free and will secure every photo you take from the moment you take it.

Activity/Workshop #2 – Securing your digital world

Do you use the same password for multiple platforms?

Is it all too hard to create new secure passwords?

Allow me to share a solution that will generate and save secure passwords for you, and you’ll never need to remember a password again.

Activity/Workshop #3 – Getting to Inbox Zero every single day

How many emails are in your Inbox right now?

10? 50? 100? 1,000? 1,000’s?

Imagine if by changing just one simple setting, 70% of your emails didn’t hit your inbox, they are still accessible but they don’t take up your time or headspace.

Just imagine if you could get down to zero emails in your inbox every single day.

Let me show you how in this hands-on workshop.

What workshop participants had to say

This is what participants of a recent Any Where, Any Time, Any Device program had to say.


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