What would happen if you sold your business tomorrow?

The other day I had a bit of a “the universe is speaking to me” moment, I just had to share.

I had just finished writing a chapter of my book, the very last part of that chapter that I’d written was about the downside of selling a business that’s not systemized.

That downside being, if you’re selling a business where all the knowledge and the processes are in your head, it is very, very likely that the sale contract would include you having to stay on for a period of time to share that knowledge with the new owner.

Finished the chapter, shut down my laptop, and decided to take myself for a walk to the beach. I bumped into a friend on the beach, he’d just sold his business, and you guessed it, part of the sale contract included him having to stay on for 12 months.

He was three weeks into that 12 months and in his words, “We thought it’d be tough, but it’s much tougher than we’d expected.”

It was almost as though the universe was giving credibility for what had just been written.

What would happen if you were to see your business tomorrow? Would you have to stay on?

Or would you be able to walk away and get on with the next thing in your life?

Let me know if the comments below.

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Andy Willis
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Andy Willis

Andy is the founder of WFA.Life, he has a passion for unlocking freedom in peoples lives by finding, testing and sharing the tips, tools and advice to allow people to live the "Working from Anywhere" Lifestyle.
Andy spends his time away from the computer cycling or hiking up mountains or catching a wave on his SUP.
Andy Willis
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