Does social media take up too much of your day/week/life? If so then you need to read on….

This is the pitch from Smarterqueue “The smartest way to do social media. Properly and Save over 5 hours every week”.

Well, I for one would have to agree with this pitch!

After testing, trying, subscribing to, paying for and spending the time to learn many social media sharing tools, this is the one for me. Smarterqueue not only helps you to share your content over your social media channels, it also makes it really, I mean really easy to productively source content. More about this later…

There are other tools out there that have similar features and functionality (and I’ve tried many of them), but Smarterqueue , I believe does it better, has more flexibility and is more user friendly, especially for those people that like the visual way of working.

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What is it?

Smarterqueue is a social media scheduling, organisation and content discovery tool that allows you to find, schedule and recycle your online content. This tool used with a good strategy can save you many hours each and every week.

What does it do and how?

Smarterqueue allows you to organise and schedule your online content in advance, you have the choice of posting each piece of content once or recycling it as evergreen content. There is also an excellent feature for finding content and storing your favourite sources.

You are able to connect multiple social media accounts to Smarterqueue, the currently supported accounts are Facebook Profiles, Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Twitter, Linkedin Profiles, Linkedin Company Pages, Instagram (please note Instagram feature only available when used with a IOS app and it has it’s own process)

It is also important to add your bitly account so Smarterqueue can measure the engagement on your posts.

The workflow goes something like this:

1.   Add social media accounts

2. Create categories for your content ie. my blog posts, inspiration, curated content etc


3. Create a schedule based on your categories and which social media accounts your would like to post to and when


4. Add content to your queue

Create posts and add to queue as once only or evergreen posts


Find content to share and create posts from this content


Re-Share your best posts

This is what they say…

“Get up to 3x more engagement.Each time you recycle a post, it will be seen by new parts of your audience. This means you can easily get up to 3x more likes and shares than posting just once.


5. Set and forget until next week or longer depending on how much content you have loaded

This is what they say…

“Never run out of posts. Gone are the days of looking for new content every week. Set-and-forget social media is here. Simply fill your queue with evergreen content, and your posts will be recycled for as long as you want, so it never runs out.”


How it works….

Watch this short video from Smarterqueue for a full rundown on the process

Smarterqueue also has an excellent learning resource with video tutorials, guides and FAQ’s.

Who is it for?

Smarterqueue is a platform that can work for any business that is consistently sharing content, which should be most businesses these days. If you are looking to save time and create consistency then Smarterqueue could be the prefect solution for you.

What is free?

All of Smarterqueue’s services come at a subscription cost.

What are paid options?

There are 3 main tiers of subscriptions as well as an option to customise a subscription that works for you. All levels include the same features, the difference comes in the volume of social media accounts, categories, daily posts and queued posts.

The pricing is very competitive with the Solo plan starting at $16.99/month when paid annually. See below or visit their pricing page for a full description.


Smarterqueue has a standard 14 day FREE trial available.

The good news is I’ve been able to secure an extended trial for our readers, for a limited time you can get a 30 day FREE trial. I’m pretty confident that anyone that trials this great platform will get hooked, just like I did though.

Take advantage of the 30 day FREE trial now

Summing up….

I not only recommend Smarterqueue, it’s what I use in my business, it’s one of my favourite ways to save time.

What tool do you use to schedule your social media?

Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts


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Andy Willis
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