Making sure your business’s content reaches your audience across the many social media channels can be a difficult ask. Internet content typically has a very short lifespan and if it doesn’t get to the right people in time they might never even see it.

Meet Edgar is one of the solutions that can help to keep your content evergreen in a time saving way.

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What is it?

Meet Edgar is a social scheduling and organisation tool which aims to keep your online content in the social cycle, long after you’ve originally posted it, driving clicks to your website.

What does it do?

Integrated across Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, Meet Edgar allows you to import your blog or site content (via RSS Feed) into its interface and categorise it. You can also add in and schedule image posts or text status updates.

You can add as many categories as you’d like. For example, a florist might want to create a ‘Flower Photos’ category for photo posts, a ‘Flower Diary’ category for their links to blog posts and a ‘Special Deals’ category for posts highlighting their special offers and prices.


You can then instruct Meet Edgar to schedule these in, but not just by individual post. Meet Edgar allows you to schedule in categories, so Mondays will be a Flower Photo, Wednesdays a Diary Entry, Thursdays another Photo and, finally, a Special Deal on Fridays.


By posting your content based on category, rather than by individual post, Meet Edgar takes a lot of micro-management out of the equation. And once your content runs out, it’s designed to bring back your popular older content, re-featuring previous photos and blog posts so that they can reach a new audience or be seen by the people you may have missed before.


Effectively, once your social accounts are linked with Meet Edgar, managing the delivery and variety of content becomes a much simpler task. There’s no need to log in to all your different accounts several times a day – everything is automated and scheduled in Meet Edgar’s web browser-based interface (which is also available on mobile browsers).

Go to How To Use Edgar Tutorial to see how it works or check out their Frequently Asked Questions.

Who is it for?

Meet Edgar is a platform that is best tailored for businesses who regularly produce and disseminate content, whether on a website or just as social posts. Its services take the hassle out of sharing that content across the web, which could be very helpful when it comes time management.

What is free?

All of Meet Edgar’s services come at a subscription cost.

What are paid options?

Meet Edgar offers two paid subscription services. Its basic plan cost $49.99 USD per month, and allows for you to link up to 10 social accounts to Meet Edgar, as well as schedule up to 1,000 posts. The premium offering comes in at $99.99 USD per month, with 25 social accounts and up to 5,000 scheduled posts.

All in all, Meet Edgar’s simple social scheduling tool might be of great interest to businesses with a focus on regularly sharing content. It both saves time and finds new eyes for older content, making its basic plan a viable option for businesses with a small marketing budget looking to make a splash on social media.

If you’re interested and wanted to know a bit more, Meet Edgar conducts Live Demos on a regular basis.

Other similar options for social media scheduling are Smarterqueue (I’ve been using this one and like it), Hootsuite and Buffer. These I will review very soon.

Using any of these tools can save you many hours every week and also help to make your content delivery more effective.

What tool do you use to schedule your social media?

Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts


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