When a business expands it becomes harder to efficiently track all the projects run by different people across the various teams in the company. Between the internal e-mails constantly flying through your inbox and endless systems processes, it can feel like there’s quite a lot getting between you and your workload.

Previously I reviewed Asana, today we will look at another option that could help to overcome these issues, Podio.

By consolidating all of these disparate team and project management systems into one platform, the team at Podio claims to make the task of actually conducting business as simple as possible. But does it succeed?

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What is it?

Podio acts as a newsfeed for your work, with the Facebook-style homepage highlighting your business’s teams and their work. Podio’s goal is to make sure everything you need to manage your business and workflow is all in one place.

What does it do?

Like many similar management tools, Podio is fully integrated with other business and file-sharing technologies like Google Drive and Calendar, OneDrive and Dropbox. It also features mobile apps for both Apple and Android devices, so the platform can be taken with you wherever you go (a must have for anyone working from anywhere)

Podio’s best feature is its customisability. The platform allows you to set custom structures for every aspect of your business. Projects, tasks, teams, reports and work-flows are all tailored specifically to your needs because they’re set up by you.

You can add external parties like clients and freelancers to teams and projects; control who has access to which pages and even set which team members get notifications about which tasks, ensuring everyone is aware of updates that are relevant to them. This then trickles down to project management, where reports on certain tasks can be organised by sales, budgets or timelines, and the team members involved in a project can discuss the details of their tasks in a comment section.

Once teams and projects have been set up, Podio’s automatic workflows feature will use them as a template for the activity you set up on the platform, increasing efficiency when managing future projects.

Your Podio homepage then acts as a digital open-plan office, where different teams from the business can see what everyone else is getting up to, if there are any tasks they might be able to help with and comment on good work when it’s completed. It encourages both self-management and communication, and is far more interactive than yet another long e-mail chain.

Check out their Podio Feature Index for a full list of features.

Podio also offers human support staff, as well as a secure server which boasted 99.9% up-time last year.

Here is a video on the basics of setting up a project in Podio

Who is it for?

Podio is a great solution for large businesses. Its comprehensive suite of tools and customisation options would be overkill for companies with just two or three teams, which could just as easily manage with free options like Trello.

However, if new projects and team-members are coming into your business thick and fast, then Podio might be the tool for you.

What is free?

Unfortunately, Podio is a subscription-only service, though you can apply for a demo of its standard services.

What are the paid options?

Podio offers a variety of payment plans, with the Basic plan costing from $7.20 USD per person per month, the next level up is the Plus Plan costing from $11.20 USD per person per month, and then there is the more comprehensive Premium package costing from $19.20 USD per person per month.

The Basic plan gives access only to the more standard tools, like user and task management, where Premium offers the customisable visual reports, sales dashboards and automated workflows.

Though Podio comes with a set of highly-customisable tools in order to ensure maximum efficiency in managing your business, its price and complexity may discourage small business owners. It’s more likely a platform best suited for large companies with several teams, who juggle multiple projects each.

Check out their All You Need To Know About Podio section on their website.

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