Trying to stay organised in-office can be quite the mess. Between the constant arrival of new e-mails, several to-do lists (both handwritten and digital), and team members working across multiple projects, you still need to make sure your business is on task and delivering to deadlines.

Thankfully, there’s always some bright spark creating software tools that help to avoid this chaos in the office, and make working with your team that little bit easier. Asana is one such solution and it is a one-stop shop that helps make sure all those moving parts come together under one, easy to manage banner.

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What is it?

Asana takes the digital to-do list concept of Trello and rolls it out into an all-in-one project management suite.

What does it do?

Within its easy-to-use interface, you’ll be able to create “tasks” to be completed for yourself and your team. You can then give these tasks delivery dates and assign them to your team members. Plus the tasks can be sorted into “projects” for added organisation. So if you’re working on a key presentation, all of the disparate tasks required to complete it can be sorted under the “Key Presentation” project.

Projects can be organised even further by categorising them into “sections” and monitoring them via Dashboards. This can really benefit collaboration as it will help to prioritise work flow.

Asana also comes with an in-built messaging system. With it you’ll be able to communicate with your team from a top-line level, all the way down to each individual task. This makes sure that you’re only chatting with the relevant people for each activity, and saves everyone from a cluttered Inbox. And if you want to congratulate a team member on a task well done, you can “heart” their work, a system that works similarly to “likes” on Twitter which can help build a praise based culture of motivation.

Most crucially, Asana lets you attach documents to your messages, not only from your computer, but from Google Drive and Dropbox as well. It’s fully integrated with a whole suite of other business management tools to help you keep on top of everything you’ve got going on.

Who is it for?

Asana really is for anyone looking for an all-in-one platform to structure their work. Whether you’re a business owner, a member of a larger team or just someone trying to stay efficiently organised throughout the day, it has the potential to be a useful tool no matter what you’re doing.

As a web based platform with iOS and Android apps it can be accessed anywhere, on any device it is a great solution for remote and mobile workers.

What is free?

The majority of Asana’s services are free for teams of up to 15 members, including all task and project management tools, and the basic Dashboard. For many small enterprises this will cover everything you’ll need.

What are paid options?

For USD8.33* per month per user, Asana delivers unlimited team members, unlimited Dashboards, privacy settings for teams and projects, priority access to customer support and help from the Customer Success Program, which will aid you in successfully deploying Asana to meet your needs.


*correct at time of publication

Business users will find Asana a useful tool for visual task management, prioritisation, collaboration and work flow project management.

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