Having one phone number where you can be contacted wherever in the world you may be, is essential if you intend to live the Working From Anywhere life. A Skype phone number is the solution that has been working from day one of my transition to Working From Anywhere.

Your mobile phone number is not a great option if you are located over the other side of the world, any incoming calls will cost YOU big time in global roaming charges. I use a local sim card for my mobile phone whilst overseas, it’s cheaper and easy to combine with free wifi where you can.

A Skype number is a flexible and very workable solution. You get the benefits of a fixed number that you can take anywhere there’s an internet connection and there’s no need to buy a second phone.

Getting a Skype Number is easy, you sign up for an account, tell them where you live and then pick an area code from a local area in your home country. You will need to pick a custom phone number from a selection of available numbers.

The end result is a business number that looks and is an ordinary landline number, just like your clients/customers would expect. Those who WFA know you don’t need an office to give incredible service but whilst the rest of the world catches up it’s good for appearances.

The Benefits

When you want to work from anywhere it helps to have tools in place that set you up to succeed. Having options that fit in with your budget are also important and this is just one of the many benefits to having a Skype Number. A Skype Number is one of the most affordable business telephone lines your company could buy and they aren’t just competitively priced; they have other benefits that include:

  • International numbers – when you buy a number you choose what country it is based in. This can be really beneficial to businesses who do a lot of work overseas or when you are travelling abroad or long distance and want to be able to offer local rate calls regardless of where you or your clients are.
  • Call redirect – you don’t have to be connected to Skype all the time to receive calls. For a small charge you can redirect calls to your mobile or any other number. Alternatively, you can redirect your home phone or mobile phone to your Skype Number.
  • Adaptable – unlike your phone contract, you’re not locked into Skype for any longer than you need to be and it’s easy to change phone numbers if you wish or need to.
  • Multiple numbers – you can have up to 10 Skype Numbers associated with your account which is helpful if you want to offer different lines for support and sales or different area/country codes.
  •  Accessible – it doesn’t matter where you are or what device you are using, as long as you have access to the internet and have your log in details all calls to your Skype Number will reach you.

Generally a Skype Number will cost you $18.00 for 3 months of service or $60.00 for a year. You will be eligible for discounts if you subscribe or pay several months in advance.

The WFA hack

This is the flow hack I use when I’m travelling in just a few easy steps:

  1. Set mobile number to forward all calls to Skype business number
  2. Buy a local sim, opt for a plan that includes more data than call credit. You only need the call credit for local calls, any calls home you will be using Skype (data or free wifi)
  3. Make sure you have Skype voicemail switched on and you have recorded a voicemail message on your Skype account
  4. Install Skype on your mobile phone

That’s it, you will now receive all your calls to your business number or your mobile phone on Skype wherever in the world you may be. Calls to your business number or mobile are the cost of a standard call for the caller. The cost of incoming calls to your mobile phone are the cost of a local mobile call to you ( the cost of a call from your mobile to your business number)

Roam Free as you WFA

WFA is about having the freedom to do what you want and what you love from anywhere and a Skype Number can be helpful in achieving that. Skype Numbers are great for keeping costs low and a good hack for presenting a professional face to clients and customers who are yet to embrace the benefits of WFA.

Bottom line is, your customer calls your business number, you pick up wherever you are in the world, your customer knows no different, it’s as though you were answering the call from your office and your customer is only paying the cost of a local call.

Apply for your Skype Number now.

Have you ever used a Skype Number?
Leave me a comment with your experience with Skype numbers or any other options you may have used.
Has your great trip overseas ever been soured by the horror phone bill?

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Andy Willis

Andy is the founder of WFA.Life, he has a passion for unlocking freedom in peoples lives by finding, testing and sharing the tips, tools and advice to allow people to live the "Working from Anywhere" Lifestyle.
Andy spends his time away from the computer cycling or hiking up mountains or catching a wave on his SUP.
Andy Willis
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