There are many different tools and plugins to manage your Gmail but if you are looking for simplicity and familiarity in your task management system then Yanado could be the answer. Yanado transforms Gmail into a one-click task management system to help you organise your emails and projects.

I don’t know about you but I’m always up for a one-stop solution, anything that saves me having to bounce from one application to another has got to be a good thing.

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What is it?

Yanado is a productivity extension for Gmail. It allows you to create tasks directly from emails within Gmail removing the need for external programs. Similar to Trello in some ways it is primarily a task management tool for project creation, tracking and collaboration.

Who is it for?

Yanado is ideal if your business email runs on Gmail or if you spend most of your time dipping in and out of Gmail to manage your tasks and want to steam-line your project management and administration. Yanado removes the need for an external task management system and can be accessed via your Gmail on any computer. There is even an Android app for when you only have access to a phone or tablet.
If your primary email isn’t a Gmail account then Yanado will not work for you but for those Gmail users short or time or working on a mobile data plan the one page drag and drop function will save you time and data.

What can it do?

You can file share and edit by linking your Google Drive account as well as transfer project ownership to other users.
Gmail users will find it has a familiar interface and user experience as it integrates smoothly with Google calendar to create work schedules, manage deadlines, book meetings and set reminders. Collaborators will also benefit from real time notifications of comments and project progress.
Yanado can also be used for categorising your emails, it works cleverly to group your relevant project emails in one place saving you the trouble of scrolling or creating a complex filing system in your Gmail folders. This can be done in Gmail without Yanado of course but in a less accessible way. Yanado’s grouping feature gives you a snapshot of all your tasks, your schedule and your relevant email files. You can even find all emails related to your task simply by expanding the task card or list.

Check out the How To Use Yanado guides.

What is free?

Yanado offers FREE use to single users which allow you to create unlimited tasks and to-do lists. The free package also gives you access to features such as team collaboration, real time notifications, one click task creation, Google Drive integration, custom task labels and progress statuses, ability to transfer task ownership and in-app support.

What are the paid options?

Yanado has three paid plans:

  • Startup: from $6 per user/month – all the free features up to 100 users
  • Premium: from $15 per user/month – up to 1000 users plus additional features like free guest users, delegated Gmail accounts, custom automated workflows and dedicated support
  • Enterprises: price on enquiry – all the previous features, unlimited users, custom integrations for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, telephone support and sales automation.

Professionals who find themselves regularly switching between email and task management software will find Yanado a real time-saving solution.

What are you waiting for, give it a go!

Find out more about Yanado and test it out for FREE

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