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If you’ve ever struggled to find where you filed that flight ticket, hotel voucher or travel itinerary before then WorldMate is the tool for you. I’ve been using WorldMate for many years now and I can say without a doubt it has made my travel life so so much easier. Today, as I head to Bali, I have all my flights and accommodation locked and loaded in the one place on the Worldmate app on my phone.

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What is it?

WorldMate automatically organizes all your travel arrangements, tickets, vouchers and itineraries into individual trips. All you need to do is simply forward your travel confirmations to trips@worldmate.com from the email address in your profile and WorldMate does the rest.

One of the best outcomes is WorldMate pulls all the separate pieces together to create your own personal trip itinerary, completely automatically, it just happens.

WorldMate also offers flight alerts, hotel and travel bookings, trip sharing and much more.

Who is it for?

Anyone that travels, no matter how often, especially useful for business travel. WorldMate is accessable from the web or any mobile device, all of which are synchronised when updated.

What is free?

The majority of the features in WorldMate are FREE.

Paid Options

It will only cost you $9.99/year to upgrade to WorldMate Gold and gain access to premium services: flight alerts, real-time flight status of your colleagues’ flights, calendar synchronization with your mobile calendar, and much more.

WorldMate – Key Features

  • Travel Assistant:
    • Home Screen – Get all information you need for your trips to make your travel worry-free, just when you need it.
    • Itinerary Manager – Stores all your booking details in an easy to read and use format.
    • Share Itinerary Details – Easily share your travel plans with friends and family via Facebook, or a personalized email. Share the entire trip, part of it or real-time Flight Status
    • Flight Status – WorldMate will show you the real-time flight status of your flight so you can easily adapt to flight changes.
    • Pushed Flight Alerts – Receive automatic notification of delays, cancellations, and gate changes.
    • Flight Reminders – WorldMate will send you a flight reminder a few hours prior to departure, allowing you to know in advance if your flight’s gate or time has changed.
    • Flight Search –locate the best flight routes based on your destination.
    • Past trips – access your entire past trips information from within the app.
    • Mapping & Navigation – View your trip items on map to know where your hotel, car pickup or next meeting is located. Need help getting around? Just click on the ‘Get Directions’ icon, and we’ll show you the best routes
    • Travel Widget – Quickly view the next item on your trip right from the device’s home screen.
  • Hotel and Car Booking:
    • Hotel Booking – Search for hotel deals.
    • “Price Alerts” and “Counter Offers” –WorldMate reviews your hotel booking and notifies you of price drops and saving opportunity.
    • Car Rental – Reserve a rental car from hundreds of airports worldwide.
    • Airport Pickup– Make limo, town car and van reservations.
  • Travel Tools:
    • Weather Forecast – Know what to pack using compete 5-day weather forecast.
    • Currency Converter –Daily Exchange Rate updates for global currencies
    • World Clocks – Always get at the right Time to the right Place

WorldMate – the basics

  • WorldMate makes it very simple, all you need to do is forward any of your travel confirmation/ticket emails to trips@worldmate.com from the email address you have set up in WorldMate.
  • WorldMate automatically creates a trip based on the dates of your confirmations.
  • You can then edit the trip name, change the date range, add details and add items manually.
  • WorldMate will automatically add new items to trips based on the date range of each trip.
  • You can share your trip with friends and family easily, print out your full itinerary, edit and move items, search for hotels based on the trip destination and you can even add meetings to your trip.


This app is in my “can’t live without” toolkit, it’s efficient, easy to use and I really couldn’t live without it.

Download WorldMate

WorldMate is available on the web, iphone, android and windows phone.

We want to hear from you…

  • Do you use WorldMate?
  • What do you like about it?
  • Do you have another tool you prefer and would like to share?

Leave a comment below…..

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Andy Willis
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