Ryver CEO Pat Sullivan found himself saying ”We’re all using email for things it’s just not good at.” Everyone spends up to 60% of their day using email, and most of that is spent forcing email to do things it was never designed for – Team Communication being the most prevalent. Ryver brings all of a team’s communication together in one place and can be accessed from all devices.

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I’m always an early adopter of software and “shiny things” but I’m liking the look of this one. I’ve been a long time user of Slack, a platform that has been around for a while and operates in the same space as Ryver. I’ve only just started testing Ryver but so far I like what I see.

What is it?

Ryver is a communications tool for teams, groups and even communities. It is more effective and productive than using email and/or instant messaging. It’s the one place for chats, posts and files with the added benefit of being able to organise all of these communications for easy future reference.

Who is it for?

Ideal for organisations, teams, small/medium business, community groups, sporting organisations, any small or large group with a desire to organise and make their communications more productive.

What is free?

Now here is the big one, it’s all FREE, nothing to pay and even better is that it’s also ad free (gotta be happy with that). Ryver states “It’s un-crippled and offers unlimited users, teams, guests, search, storage, and integration’s. Our mission is to allow every company to compete in a complex world using modern Team Communications. We have learned Team Communications simply HAS to be free.

Read more about why RYVER is FREE

Paid Options?

At the time of writing there are no paid options, Ryver do have plans for a Ryver Task Manager – Seamlessly integrated with Ryver Team Communications, this option will ship with Ryver Enterprise for big companies. So for most of us it’s FREE.

Ryver – The Basics

Here are the basics of how it works as sourced from the Ryver website this should give you an idea of the basic features, there is more but this is a good start:

Join a Team

ryver.com▶ Organize your teams, projects and topics with specific teammates. Group Chat and Posts support rich embedded content with cloud storage for all file type attachments.

▶ Use Chat to communicate and take action quickly, without calling long, inefficient meetings.

▶ When topic based communication is required, threaded discussions within Posts rescues important ideas from the endlessly scrolling chat streams.

▶ All Files from Chat and Post automatically are stored in context of the Team or 1:1 member.

Promote what Matters, Privacy when Needed ryver.com

▶ With Ryver’s unique “Promote This” you can pull specific conversations out of Chat and promote them to organized Posts.

▶ Chat directly one on one (1:1) with each Team member privately.

▶ Team Chat for transparent communication that keeps all Team Members up to speed.

▶ Posts, Chat and Files are a powerful combination, they all stream together with teammates or in your private 1:1 interactions.


Take your Ryver with youryver.com

▶ Ryver provides a seamless user experience across browsers and native apps for desktop, tablets and phones.

▶ Full application functionality is at your fingertips…no scaled down, limited functionality phone client here.



ryver.comBe in the know

▶ Your wall, your news. Use the Post Stream to follow Posts across all teams in one place.

▶ Subscribe to just the Teams and Posts you care about most.

▶ Use the Star button to mark Posts you want to come back to later.


Alerts that matterryver.com

▶ Your teams, your alerts. The Notifications tab alerts you immediately when somebody comments on your Posts, @mentions you in a comment, or adds a Post to a Team you are subscribed to.

▶ Optionally receive email notifications when you are offline. You can reply by email to insert your comment directly back into the discussion in Ryver!

Here’s a short 2 min video that may help to explain it some more:


What happens to all my Slack data if I want to move to Ryver?

You can easily and I mean really easily import all your data into Ryver. I didn’t see this one at first, I’m pretty happy I dug around and found this amazing feature though. I’ve been using Slack for quite some time so consequently I had a whole heap of data, communications and history that I needed to reference.

My first thought, I don’t want to be using 2 platforms, what a pain….

NO PROBLEM… Ryver have this covered, it is so so easy to migrate all your data from Slack to Ryver, I mean super easy. It brings users, channels (converts them to Forums), chats and files across seamlessly. It was so EASY!!

Here’s a link  to how Slack Import FAQs

Connect your other tools with Ryver

You can also connect your other tools and processes to Ryver using my favourite automating tool Zapier.

Some popular Zaps are:

  • Post emails from Outlook or Gmail to Ryver
  • Send twitter mentions and tweets to Ryver
  • Send tagged Instagram media to Ryver
  • Share new dropbox files to Ryver

Other Exciting Stuff

These are the basics of Ryver, there is more and I’m sure there will continue to be even more. I will dive deeper into how Ryver works and also look at some other exciting features in a future post, once I’ve had the opportunity to test it out some more. Here are couple of interesting additional features that I’m looking forward to testing out:

Ryver Communities : ordinary Ryver accounts that anybody can create for public or private communities of any type or size.

Ryver Event Communities : ordinary Ryver accounts that event planners create for launching free, online event-oriented communities of any type or size.


I’m pretty excited about this platform, anything that puts everything in one place in an organised and productive manner is a winner for me. Add the fact that it’s totally FREE and you’ve got me hooked.

Yes I know it’s something else to learn but it is pretty intuitive and I believe it has the potential to save you a whole heap of time and stress in the long run.

Give it a try…..

160427 Ryver logo

We want to hear from you…

  • Do you use Ryver?
  • Do you use Slack?
  • Are you willing to test it out?

Leave a comment below…..

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