Make Your Life Easier with a Password Manager.

Roboform is one of my “can’t live without” tools. The list of usernames, passwords, url links continues to grow each and every day as we attempt to keep pace with the never ending release of apps and platforms in the digital world in which we live.

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What is it?everywhere_overview_image

RoboForm is an easy-to-use, fast, password manager that you can access from everywhere on any device.

This claim from RoboForm – Roboform is a unique product that makes your life easier and more secure. Trusted since 1999, millions of users across the globe have discovered the benefits of using Roboform password management software.

Who is it for?

This is definitely an app for everyone, individuals, solo, small and medium business operators. Roboform ideal for both your personal and business life, it’s a place for more than just your passwords, you can also store your passport info, bank account details, credit card info and so much more. Check out their Features Page.

What is free?

There is no FREE plan.

Paid options (correct at time of publication, subject to change):

The best value offer is the RoboForm Everywhere license which allows you to use RoboForm software on all your Windows computers, Macs, and other mobile devices. Includes automatic synchronization of all your RoboForm data.

First year special: USD9.95 in total for 12 months and then USD19.95/year

Standard Price: USD19.95 per year with discounts for pre purchase of multiple years.

Roboform licence options

Roboform – Key Features:

Password manager

  • Save and store password securely direct from websites
  • Navigate and login to websites direct from password manager
  • Synchronised to all devices for access to passwords from any device at any time
  • View passwords on any device
  • Set up Roboform as your start page
  • Roboform search box for your browser
  • More information on password manager features

Form filler

Password generator 

  • With the simple click of a button, RoboForm will generate a secure, unique password for you with as many characters as you’d like. Password Generator feature icon.
  • More information on Password Generator

Here are some links to some useful “How to’s”:

Getting started

How to sync your passwords across multiple devices 

How to set up Roboform as your start page

Learn How to Use RoboForm Search Box

Roboform Tutorials

Download Roboform….

RoboForm: Learn more...


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    Thank you so much for this article, it saved me time!

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