Canva is one the best tools out there for simplified graphic design, they also have excellent free tutorials to get you started and move you forward.

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Here’s some info on this post

  • What is this post about – Graphic design
  • Who is this post for – anyone wanting to learn the basics of Canva as a graphic design tool
  • Time required – The actual tutorials is a quick and easy one, 5 minutes will be all you need

The tutorials really are “hands on”, they are created within the Canva portal and you actually use the live system as you work through the tutorial.

click here to get hints on the task



If you need help as you go all you need to do is click on the “need a hint” button.


This tutorial is the second in their series and follows on from the Beginners Challenge. The skills you will learn in this tutorial are:

  • Adjust the color of your text to ensure your message is clear
  • Use Canva frames to contain your images
  • Use text holders to place text clearly over images
  • Crop images effectively
  • Arrange multiple images using grids

This tutorial is the very basics and will only take 5 minutes of your time,

why not go do it now

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Do you use Canva?
Do you have any neat tips for using Canva?
Share your thoughts and any tips in the comments.

Link to this tutorial 

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Andy Willis
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