Take, save and organise notes, online storage for files, save and organise emails, track expenses, to-do lists, clip web pages and have very easy access to notes, files, travel bookings and much more on any device.

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This is one of my personal favourite tools, one that I simply can’t live without, with so many uses it’s more like the online swiss army knife.
The organizational side of Evernote is flexible enough that you can customize it to your own style/way of thinking using their notebook and tag system. The system is searchable by notebook, tags and keywords.

Evernote comes in 3 levels, Free, Plus and Premium, with more features being included with each level, even the premium level is not what you would call expensive though, currently $56.99 per year.

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Want more tips on using Evernote?

Stacey Harmon and Kristy Willis from Untethered with Evernote are the experts, they have a great website with plenty of tips and also an Ebook that I would recommend. Here is a post about how Stacey uses Evernote on a daily basis

http://www.untetheredwithevernote.com/5-ways-stacey-uses-evernote-on-a-daily-basis/Untethered with Evernote 5 Ways Stacey Uses Evernote on a Daily Basis – Untethered with Evernote Evernote is an ubiquitous and essential part of my daily life. In a prior Get Untethered blog post, 5 Way Kristi Uses Evernote Every Day, Kristi presented 5 ways in which she uses Evernote everyday. Expanding upon her post, following are the most frequent ways Evernote supports my productivity as well as my daily routine.

Buying their Ebook is a very worthwhile investment

Untethered with Evernote – Untethered with Evernote

Untethered with Evernote is your gateway to freedom. Freedom from tiny scraps of paper, lost lists and chains to the office. Learn to work from ANYwhere with Evernote. This book provides the tools you need for virtual workflows. Written by two Evernote Business Certified Consultants, Evernote Ambassadors, and entrepreneurs. And, one of only three books available in Evernote’s Market.

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