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The moment everything changed for me!

Stuck in another airport, on the way to yet another business meeting, I picked up Tim Ferris’ book, The 4 Hour Work Week. The tagline – Escape the 9-5, live anywhere and join the new rich – attracted my attention. Whilst not a revolutionary concept, the notion of being able to ‘live anywhere’ and ‘work less’ suddenly hit home.

Though my conference business was successful, it dawned on me that I was trapped in it: tied to my desk when I wasn’t travelling between events, with all the knowledge, systems and procedures in my head. I knew I wanted more, to live more; it turns out I was ready to seize the day.

Making the transition didn’t happen overnight, but I knew that for anything to happen at all I just had to start. I made it my mission to work out how I could do more of the things I loved, travelling and cycling, whilst still feeling successful. The Working From Anywhere (WFA) concept began to unfold.

Over a period of years, I tried and tested every communications platform, project management tool, collaboration tool, email program, and file storage device.   I worked out systems and procedures and methods to allow me and my team to work effectively, from anywhere. As friends and clients began to notice my trips to France getting longer each year, curiosity was piqued. How is it that you’re always travelling, enjoying life, and yet still running a great business?

Little by little I began to teach others what I’d done and how they could do it too.

I distilled the process into a 5-step system which anyone could implement, regardless of business size or industry. It simply required a willingness to embrace change and the notion that life is for living now, not when you retire.

I soon realised that this process, this way of living, could be my new normal, my everything. So I wound up my conference business and WFA Life was born.

Now there’s a program, a book and an experience for anyone who wants to join the revolution – to seize the day and make time for life.


The ultimate guide to making TIME for LIFE.

I introduce the 5-step process to help business owners think about – and do – work differently. You’ll read about my story of transition, along with the story of other amazing business owners who have adopted the WFA way. Consider your own WHY, your own driver for change, and then read the book with this in mind.

“Andy is a brilliant communicator and educator. This book is a must-read for any business owner wanting to break free from the traditional constraints of running a business”. 

Arthur Luke – Bestselling author of LIFE – has ‘if’ in it for a reason