Business is meant to support your lifestyle, not take you away from it, right?

Here are some typical challenges successful business owners face when they come to me:

  • I’ve built a successful business but I’m stuck working IN the business.
  • I need to be there all the time, to answer the questions only I know the answers to, do the things that only I know how to do.
  • I feel trapped, exhausted and overwhelmed by all the things I need to.
  • Business commitments have caused me to miss many of my family’s and friends’ special occasions.
  • I would love to spend more time living life outside of my business, more time with family and friends but I don’t know how this is possible.

Do any of these ring true to you?

If yes, then you’ll need to make some changes in order to transition to a business that allows you to enjoy both living your life and building a great business.

Our Work From Anywhere Mastermind & Mentoring Program can help you get there.

Got some questions about the program?

That was me 7 years ago and then……

WFA Mastermind & Mentoring Program Overview

The Work From Anywhere Program is not a course, it’s a mentorship.

The program starts with a one on one strategy session to put together a personalised strategy and plan for your unique business situation, along with clear milestones to keep you on track.

The program includes small group sessions (Mastermind), private one on one sessions with Andy to work through your personalised program, and the 7 steps to WFA series of online tutorials and resources.

Every program finishes with you “walking the talk” on a 7-day Carpe Diem Retreat.


Building a Work From Anywhere business involves 7 steps:

7 steps to working from anywhere flowchart

Step 1 – Building the foundation

The #1 mistake business owners make is failing to structure their business to be run by anyone else but themselves, their business is dependent on them being there all the time. Every solid structure is built on a solid foundation, your business systems are no different. A solid foundation will create structure and consistency that flows through your business allowing your business to operate with consistency without being dependent on any one person. Mindset shift #1 – Your business can operate without you being there all the time While working with your mentor you will:

  • Get clear on what your ideal business foundation looks like
  • Create a flowchart of your WFA business structure

Step 2 – Anywhere, Any time, Any device (move into the cloud)

If you want the freedom to operate your business from anywhere, you need to be able to access your business from anywhere. Moving your business totally into the cloud is the only option. Securing your business data and software is a critical part of this process. Mindset shift #2 – Work is no longer a place and your data is more secure in the Cloud. While working with your mentor you will:

  • Build your folder structure based on your core business foundation template and move all your data to the cloud.
  • Be able to securely access your data, and collaborate with your team and clients from anywhere!

Step 3 – Creating your first system (the system for building systems)

Getting the processes out of your head and into a system is the next important step. Systemising creates consistency in your processes, makes onboarding new team members a breeze, saves a lot of time, and makes your business scaleable. Most importantly, it provides the opportunity for you to remove yourself from the business from time to time. Mindset shift #3 – Systems don’t need to be complex and time-consuming, they are best built up over time. While working with your mentor you will:

  • Learn a simple system that you can use to create every system in your business.
  • Create an automated Team Onboarding process for your business, standardizing the quality of training, reducing your contact hours, cost of training, and admin typically required with new hires.
  • Repurpose systems to use as sales & marketing resources and add significant value to the selling price of your business.
Day to day operations with or without you image

Step 4 – Day to day operations with or without you

The biggest mistake business owners make is assuming that “It’ll be quicker and easier if I just do it myself”, this may be the case but it also means you will need to do that same task EVERY time. It’s well worth taking the time to systemise a task or process once so you can delegate it many times. Setting up the systems and processes for delegation is the same for internal and external delegation.  This is another step towards removing yourself from having to be IN the business all the time. While working with your mentor you will:

  • Identify the tasks that are repeatable and can be delegated
  • Create systems for documenting and delegating tasks using cloud-based tools.

Step 5 – Your VA can do that

There are some horror stories out that of outsourcing to VA failures. Of course, it’s always the VA’s fault, right? Guess what… it’s most often not the case. The VA needs the support of systems and processes to work effectively. When done right, outsourcing tasks to a Virtual Assistant will free you up to focus even more on business strategy and sales opportunities. Furthermore, it is extremely cost effective. Mindset shift #5 – Team members don’t necessarily need to work at your place of business While working with your mentor you will:

  • Set up and test the process of working with a VA by working offsite for a day and using the process to work with your onsite team members.
  • Identify potential tasks/processes that could be outsourced to your VA.
  • Be introduced to the resource that significantly reduces the time required to secure a job ready VA.
Optimise and Automate (Productivity Hacks) photo

Step 6 – Optimise and Automate (Productivity Hacks)

The biggest pain point for many business owners is having so many tools, in so many places, all addressing so many things, that it takes more time to find and use the tools than its worth. Integration and automation will give you back many hours every day. It’s another step in removing yourself from working IN the business. Mindset shift #6 – Your inbox is for taking action not a file storage system. While working with your mentor you will:

  • Integrate and automate passing information between your project management tool, CRM, calendar booking tool, and more.
  • Implement an Inbox Zero setting and process to your system. The end result is a huge reduction in the number of emails that hit your inbox and yes, ZERO emails in your inbox at the end of every day  (and less stress over email).

Step 7 – Living it!

You’ve been WFA regularly, spending days working from home or a coworking space, you’ve engaged a VA and learned how to delegate tasks. All that’s left now is to pack your bags and your laptop and board your flight to your dream location to truly integrate work and life as one. It’s time to put it all into real life practice! Mindset shift #7 – Work is no longer a place or a time, it’s okay to spend time living life outside of my business. While working with your mentor you will:

  • Book your 1-week WFA trip, and enjoy a life-changing experience with your WFA Mastermind group. You’ll reap the rewards of all your hard work, and wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!
  • Change the way you work and live your life forever!

Key Outcomes

  • A business that is systemised to work without you
  • 10-20 hours saved every week
  • Delegation is much easier
  • A happier, more productive and more loyal team
  • Repetitive day to day tasks outsourced to VA
  • Able to work productively and effectively with a VA
  • More time with your family and friends
  • Empowered by having the choice around when and where you work
  • Complete control of your schedule
  • A sellable and more valuable business asset
  • A happier and healthier you
  • You now integrate work and life as one

Are you ready to change your life?

Got some questions about the WFA Mastermind & Mentoring Program?

“If your business depends on you, you don’t own a business—you have a job. And it’s the worst job in the world because you’re working for a lunatic!”

― Michael E. Gerber, The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It

How does the program work?

“The program for successful business owners that feel trapped – From someone that operates his business from the French Alps for 3 months every year”

What’s Included

  1. Pre Retreat Mastermind & Mentoring Program
  • Individual WFA Strategy session to put together your personal roadmap to WFA based on your unique business situation
  • Access to our online video training site that will guide you through the 7-step process of setting up your business to make it WFA ready
  • Weekly live online mentoring (24 sessions over 6 months) alternating between individual One on One sessions and group Mastermind sessions (conducted virtually over Zoom)
  • On-demand support between weekly sessions as required
  • 6-month SystemHub platform inclusive of SOP Software, templates, support and additional training resources
  • Guidance from a mentor with over 20+ years of hands-on small-business experience. Andy has built and sold a very successful conference and event management/travel business, which he transitioned and operated working from anywhere 7 years ago. Andy spends 3 months a year working and living in the beautiful French Alps.
  1. 7-day Carpe Diem Retreat in Queenstown, New Zealand – Sun 28th March to Sun 5th April, 2020
  • Pre Retreat Support – you will receive all the support you need to in the lead up prepare you for the Carpe Diem Retreat
  • Return economy airfares ex Sydney to Queenstown
  • 7 nights luxury accommodation in an exclusive use Chalet, single rooms with ensuite
  • Transfers, meals, activities and plenty of fun (check WFA Retreat Program for full details and inclusions)
  • Daily Workshops – will be held onsite in Queenstown to further develop your WFA skills and processes
  • Onsite support – you will be supported daily as you WFA on your business from one of
  • Daily activities – helicopter flight, bike rides, fly/cruise/fly Milford Sound, winery tour, Gondolier ride plus plenty of optional activities, Jet boating, bungy jumping, sky diving, whatever takes your fancy.
  • Post Retreat Support – it doesn’t finish at the Retreat, you will continue to receive support post Retreat.

Seize the day. Join the program.

Got some questions?

Who is this for?

The Work From Anywhere Mastermind & Mentoring Program is designed with busy people in mind. Our clients achieve their results while they continue to run their business and implement what they learn in the program. The combination of focused online video training modules and weekly alternate Mastermind and One on One calls allows people to build the systems, mindset, and practices required to have a business that gives them more time, more meaning, and more lifestyle. 

Who should apply?

The WFA Mastermind and Mentoring Program is not for everyone, entry into the program is by application only.

Your application will be considered if:

  • You have an established business with a minimum of 2+ years of trading and have 2-25 team members (internal or outsourced)
  • You can commit 2-3 hours per week for 24 weeks
  • You already have a G-Suite Business level account or; You are willing to implement G-Suite Business in your business
  • You are prepared to commit to moving your business to the Cloud, and work with cloud-based solutions that save you time and give you access to your business from anywhere, at any time, on any device.
  • You are open and keen to collaborate and work with a small group of like-minded successful business owners
  • You’re ready to spend less time working IN your business and more time living life, more time with family, friends and doing the other things you enjoy doing.

Your application will not be considered if:

  • You have a startup or a business that has been trading for less than 2 years.
  • You are unable to commit 2-3 hours per week for 24 weeks
  • You do not have a G-Suite Business level account and are not willing to implement G-Suite Business in your business.
  • You prefer to work alone and are not open to collaborate and work with a small group of like-minded successful business owners
  • You prefer to spend the majority of your time working in your business rather than living life outside of your business.

What Other Business Owners Are Saying About The WFA Mastermind & Mentoring Program

“WFA has given me my weekends back. I have a 3-year old, and I was finding myself constantly trying to do all the admin stuff on the weekends. That was really impacting my time with my family, and I was not loving my business. After working with Andy I feel freer, I feel calmer, and I definitely have more time.”

Justine Cox, Director, Leaders Change Room

“We’ve got over 30 employees so I was looking for options to streamline the business and my time. We’ve transitioned to G Suite, and without Andy’s help, it would have been too daunting. I can only see things getting quicker, smoother, and saving more time. The team is finding things simpler and easier too. I’m glad I took the step to join the program. ”

Ian Reid Director, Austimber Harvesting & Haulage Pty Ltd

Be like Justine and Ian. Join the program.


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