Hi, I’m Andy,
I help successful business owners to transition their business to operate working from anywhere, so they can spend more time living life outside of their business.

You’ve worked hard, your business is thriving, all those years of hard work is paying off, but it comes at the cost of you living your life.

You spend very little time living life outside of your business, your business is your life.

You don’t get to do the things you used to enjoy doing before you went into business, sport, hobbies, spending time with your family, going to the gym, fishing, hiking, beach, all the fun stuff.

You’re too busy working IN your successful business.


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Andy Willis, your shortcut to tools & technology for your small business

Imagine a life where…………….

You spend less time working in your business and more time living life outside of your business.

You have complete control over where and when you work.

You spend more time with the people that count.

You are happier, healthier and less stressed than ever before.

You are planning an extended trip away where you will integrate work and life as one.


A life where you fit “business around your life” rather than “your life around your business”

👉 I’m stuck working IN my successful business.

👉 I need to be there all the time, to answer the questions only I know the answers to, do the things that only I know how to do.

👉 I feel trapped, exhausted and overwhelmed by all the things I need to.

👉Business commitments have caused me to miss many of my family’s and friends’ special occasions.

👉 I would love to spend more time living life outside of my business, more time with family and friends.


Here’s how I solved those problems in my life?

What can you do right now to solve these problems in your life?

You can join some other successful business operators on the Transition to WFA Mastermind and Mentoring Program, where you will work through the 6 steps to transitioning your business to access and operate from ANYwhere, at ANY time and on ANY device.

You will work with a small group of your peers, other successful business operators, supporting each other and keeping each other accountable.


You get to walk the talk, put it all into real-life practice, every program finishes with a 7-day WFA Retreat at various destinations around the world. You really will be


Are you ready to…..

Work with a small group of successful business operators?

Be held accountable to ensure you keep moving forward

Have access to the resources and support you need to transition your business

Increase the profit and the sell price of your business

Spend more time living life outside of your business

“I am a Business Coach and so get to see behind the scenes of many businesses and Andy’s support and programs are so good that I have personally recommended him to a number of my clients who have experienced similar results. Andy provides fabulous support, nothing is too much trouble and his enthusiasm for what he does is infectious. I now view him as a key part of my team.”

Justine Cox – *Strategic and Business Planning *Coaching *Leadership Development *Change Facilitation

“His vision for WFA inspires and he has the gumption to make it happen”

Liam O’Duibhir – founder 2pi Software

“Andy has an energy and a passion for Working From Anywhere that I dare you to try and ignore! He possesses a wealth of knowledge on how to harness technology to make your life and work integrated to suit your needs. ”

Linda Mayo – Emergency Services Management Preparedness and Recovery Officer, Tathra and Bega at Australian Red Cross

Andy Willis, Founder WFA.Life

Andy has been in small business for 20 years, in that time he built a very successful conference and event management/travel business.

He transitioned this business to be able to operate working from anywhere some 7 years ago, this was achieved through the implementation of cloud technology and tools.

This transition was “life-changing”, both in the way he operated his business and way he lived his life.

Andy then decided that he wanted to help other people in successful small businesses, by sharing the knowledge that changed his life. Guiding them through the process of transitioning their business to operate working from anywhere and empowering them to spend more time living life outside of their business.

WFA.Life is the end result.

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Andy Willis - Founder WFA.Life ...... Integrating Work & Life as One

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